The Cuban American Youth Orchestra (CAYO) is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that serves as a musical link between our two countries. CAYO is dedicated to providing educational and performance opportunities for student and pre-professional musicians from the US and Cuba through workshops, arts delegations, and cultural exchanges.

Since its founding in December 2016, CAYO has been on the forefront of cultural engagement between the people of the US and Cuba. We are proud to have the friendship and assistance of the Minnesota Orchestra, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, the University of Minnesota School of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music, 21C Media Group, and  Classical Movements. With their help, CAYO programming offers students from both countries with opportunity, exposure, and a sense of optimism for our shared futures.



In 2015, the Minnesota Orchestra made headlines across the world with its historic tour to Cuba. In Havana, the Orchestra worked side-by-side with young Cuban musicians who showed everyone involved the power of heart and perseverance; in America, those involved in the tour returned to insatiable curiosity and excitement. It is a rare thing to be at a place in history where you can see change as it happens; we are there now.

The energy around this tour sparked the idea of bringing Cuban and American student musicians together for a similar musical and cultural exchange, designed to broaden horizons, provide youth with the highest level of artistic training, and shed light on that which can bring our neighboring countries together.

Please note that though the Minnesota Orchestra’s historic visit to Cuba served as the inspiration for CAYO, our project is operated and funded entirely independent of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Bridging 90 miles of water, with music and friendship.
Juntos en Armonia – Together in Harmony.


©Vickie Gray Images, 2018


As a working musician, educator, and arts administrator for the past 20 years, I have learned that a complete musician – and human – requires equal parts mind and heart. The 90 miles which separates the United States and Cuba also holds the seeds of mutually beneficial learning. No American on the Minnesota Orchestra tour left the island untouched by the intuitive sensitivity of the young musicians we met in Havana and the goodwill of the Cubans who welcomed us as friends. As the Executive Director of CAYO, I am seeking supporters and partners who can help launch and shape this ambitious project.

At turning points in history, the arts can act as a messenger, sent ahead of the document signings, as a sign of goodwill and hope for our mutual futures. And because children are the most crucial recipients of that message, there is no better way to deliver it than through arts education. Because of the vision of those who dared to dream big in 2015, those of us from that trip can promise, without reservation, that it will be something these students will never forget; we can hope, without fear, that music will help us all become the humanity we hope to be.

– Rena Kraut

Mission Statement

The Cuban American Youth Symphony (CAYO) believes in the potential of arts diplomacy. CAYO provides a professional-level musical and educational experience in which Cuban and American youth can turn to each other with honest curiosity and a true desire for mutual learning. CAYO seeks to leave a musical imprint on the hearts of our musicians, staff and audience, cultivating a spirit of goodwill and hope for our mutual futures.


CAYO uses the powerful medium of musical expression to connect Cuban and American youth with their audiences and with each other.

CAYO introduces students from diverse backgrounds to a professional-level education in orchestral and chamber performance.

CAYO offers a people-to-people cultural enrichment opportunity for the young students who will shape the futures of our respective countries.