Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Through CAYO Acadamies, select college-aged Cuban musicians travel to the US to participate in cultural exchange activities on college campuses. They also participate in outreach performances at local schools retirement communities.

Educational outreach at primarily Latino-population schools empowers young students to visualize their future through the achievements of their peers.

CAYO musicians Elio Hernandez Rojas and Ninián Rodriguez Rego sit in with the middle-school jazz band at St. Paul Academy and Summit School in September 2018.

What people are saying about CAYO musicians in their communities

“CAYO was here playing at Folwell School Performing Arts Magnet yesterday. We have such a hard time in Minnesota connecting up with classical musicians of color. The students LOVED them. They are exactly who Folwell students need to see! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!”

“It was amazing to watch our students interact with the CAYO musicians. Our students were inspired.”

“The experience was wonderful! It was great watching our students interact with students from another culture. I often feel like the rural setting here can get a little isolating sometimes and makes it harder for us to have experiences like this. It was wonderful!”