News Release: Juntos en Armonía / Together in Harmony Tour

News Release: Juntos en Armonía / Together in Harmony Tour


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Cuban American Youth Orchestra (CAYO) Makes Debut in Cuba
with “Juntos en Armonía/Together in Harmony” Tour

The Cuban American Youth Orchestra will embark on its first full orchestra tour this spring (May 20-27). The inaugural tour will be the first large-scale artistic collaboration between the United States and Cuba. Presented by the international concert tour management company Classical Movements, in association with the Cuban Institute of Music and the National Center for Concert Music, CAYO’s “Juntos en Armonía/Together in Harmony” tour will make its debut in Cuba. Approximately 40 American and 40 Cuban student musicians, aged 18–24 will have performances at the Cubadisco Festival and during official events celebrating Havana’s 500th Anniversary. Under the leadership of esteemed conductor James Ross, CAYO’s program will showcase the world premiere of a new composition by the island republic’s Guido López-Gavilán, commissioned by the Paulus Fund in conjunction with the American Composers Forum. Building on the success of pilot programs conducted over the past year, CAYO’s inaugural tour harnesses the power of cultural diplomacy to support Cuban musicians and promote harmony and understanding between the U.S. and its long-estranged neighbor.

A non-profit cultural exchange program, CAYO is the brainchild of Executive Director Rena Kraut. She explains:

“The 2019 ‘Juntos en Armonía’ tour will be an historic collaboration of young Cuban and American musicians, signaling mutual goodwill and a desire to grow a relationship between our two countries. The culmination of an idea that began with the 2015 Minnesota Orchestra tour to Cuba, CAYO is a testament to the power of cultural diplomacy, giving voice to the next generation to create a better world through music.”

According to Neeta Helms, Founder and President of Classical Movements:

“CAYO’s tour epitomizes to our Cuban partners the ultimate expression of friendship through music. Classical Movements is inspired to see the lasting impact of our work in Cuba help this enormous project flourish – bringing together Cubans and Americans, once again, in the joyous act of music-making.”


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